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In this exclusive report featuring findings from a survey of more than 350 executive search firms, we reveal how the new General Data Protection Regulations will impact on the market for senior level talent – and why it is so important that executives take steps to stay on search firm radars.


Read the full report Unintended Consequences – Why GDPR could move executive careers into the slow lane”

GatedTalent allows users to share their personal, biographical and aspirational information with search firms they trust, while anonymising it to a wider audience. If a recruiter you don’t know finds your anonymised profile to be relevant, they will contact you and request a connection – accept and they will see who you are, reject and they will not.

You – the executive – are in charge of who sees your information and who does not; in this way, you can effectively manage your career by ‘curating’ the information and ‘gating’ the community with whom you choose to share.

With information becoming ever more a commodity, here at GatedTalent we recognize the need to offer executives and business leaders alike, a community where they truly hold the key to the gate of their success. Many of the world’s leading search firms will be using GatedTalent to recruit top level positions. Being part of our community helps them narrow their search – and advances your career in so doing.

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    GatedTalent puts you in touch with top search firms and executive recruiters. Most senior level positions are not published; instead individual executives are approached directly by executive recruiters. GatedTalent brings both sides together. It is general consensus that people who are known to executive recruiters learn of more opportunities, and are in a better position to command higher pay, than those who don’t.


    GatedTalent guarantees that you are in control of your privacy at all times. Share as much or as little information as you like, with only the recruiters you choose and gate out the ones you don’t. You are fully in control of your profile and how you present yourself to the wider world, while at the same time sharing enough information for your anonymised profile to be found by search firms that you have not yet fully trusted.


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