GatedTalent is the platform connecting executives to executive recruiters worldwide.

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GatedTalent is a searchable database of individual executives, which allows executive recruiters, such as you, to find and access talent, for the purpose of filling global positions at the senior, management and executive level.


In addition to being an invaluable talent pool for executive recruiters, it is also a consent management tool designed to help recruiters be compliant with changes to GDPR and other global privacy laws.

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Why should executive recruiters use GatedTalent?

  • To clean legacy data and ensure legal compliancy

    Many search firms have a digital archive of data on many individual executives. Invariably, some of this information is out of date and potentially noncompliant with recent changes to privacy laws (including GDPR for the EU market). To address these problems and meet new standards, executive recruiters can use GatedTalent to request updated profile information from individual executives, updating their records while at the same time achieving compliancy. All this at no transactional cost and, in many cases, virtually no administrative overhead.

  • To manage relationships with existing and new contacts

    If a search firm identifies an individual executive who is not registered on the platform – through a source or recommendation – GatedTalent will support the compliancy in that process. The executive is then given the opportunity to share additional information with the recruiter through the platform or to refuse the connection altogether.

  • To grow your talent pool 24/7

    GatedTalent makes it easy for executives to connect with you in a manner that requires no administrative overhead from you whatsoever.  GatedTalent will provide you with a unique link for your website or social media – executives following this link will be able to add themselves directly into your talent pool without creating duplication or clutter in your database!

  • To identify new executives quickly and easily

    In addition to the recruiter having instant access to the search firm’s own network, executive recruiters may also search the wider pool of talent profiles. Although this data is all anonymised, our unique relationship with a third party data company provides a level of searching potential that is unmatched by any comparable platform. When an executive is found, the recruiter makes a connection request and, if accepted, full information is shared.

In essence, GatedTalent brings together the world’s leading executives, in a secure, online arena in which bespoke profiles have been curated by the executives themselves. Many of these executives have been invited to join by executive search firms around the world, helping to build an executive talent pool of quality business leaders, talented senior managers and experienced executives.

How does it work?

  • Stage 1

    During our initial rollout, we anticipate our search firm partners to send out over one million invitations, to business leaders and executives around the globe. These business leaders then create a profile, sharing as much or as little personal and professional information as they wish but, crucially, only with the search firms they choose to connect with. Our recruiter partners will continue to send out invitations throughout their ongoing use of the platform.

  • Stage 2

    Once a recruiter invitation has been accepted by an executive – and in doing given their consent for the recruiter to hold onto their data – a direct relationship is established. Executives can also connect with you directly via your website, or through social media – we provide you with a unique URL that allows them to register on our platform and is associated with your firm.

  • Stage 3

    Upon full launch, our recruiter subscribers will be able to search the talent pool using our state-of-the-art search engine which allows recruiters to identify anonymised profiles and makes connection requests through the platform.

  • Stage 4

    The relationship between executives and recruiters continues in this manner: the executive maintains control of his or her profile and who has access to it – ensuring that the product is highly GDPR friendly – and the ‘accepted’ recruiter becomes a trusted partner. A symbiotic relationship that helps and guards both parties.

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GatedTalent has undertaken an investigation into what the introduction of GDPR could mean for the global executive search industry and the talented executives, professionals and leaders that it works with.


While GDPR has the potential to reduce the size of your database, it could also deliver significant commercial advantages to those recruiters that embrace it, as it could represent an opportunity to engage more closely with senior talent and access more accurate and up-to-date talent data on an ongoing basis.


Read the full report “Unintended Consequences – Why GDPR could move executive careers into the slow lane”

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